Enrique is a Mexican born artist living in New York City 

Primarily working with analog photography due to its physical nature and highly involved process. His evolving understanding of himself as an individual, as an artist and his connection with others is often explored in his work, making the work mostly personal, thoughtful and emotive. 

His work has been included in various group shows across the country. Enrique also volunteers with different organizations and helps promote photography as an art form and not just a commercial medium. 

I photograph predominantly with film and my work is often very personal. Memories, the effects of time on our mental and emotional experiences, the loss of friends, lovers, family, the acceptance of myself as a person and as an artist; these are recurring themes in my work. I am highly involved in all aspects of my photography, from processing of the film, to scanning, editing, and image printing. 

My workflow is slow and deliberate, and experimentation is important in order to achieve a result that best represents what I have in mind. I often utilize alternative processes, such as image transfers and cyanotypes, wet plate collodion, and the physical manipulation of the photographs themselves, in order to promote and enrich dialogue with the audience. 

The goal for me is not to simply present lovely images, or to have explicit images that leave little room for interpretation. I want the viewers to pause when they look at what is in front of their eyes, and to stir thoughts and emotions within them. I want to facilitate the construction of bridges: one between the work and the audience, and another between each member in that audience, allowing everyone to be connected. 

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